Senior Leaders’ Course


The Senior Leaders’ Course (SLC) was initiated in 2015 focusing on prospects for cooperation in the Wider Baltic and the Northern Group. This year it will be held for the second time from 28th November - 2nd December 2016 in Tartu, Estonia.


The SLC’s aim is to empower senior leaders to better contemplate future challenges by improving their strategic vision and enhancing their capacity to better lead and manage their respective institutions. It will provide a forum for creating and exchanging new ideas and facilitate the establishment of mutually beneficial networks.


In 2016, the SLC will focus on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Warsaw Summit and the move towards active deterrence. The engagement will begin by looking at the geopolitical situation and will conclude with a deep discussion on how countries in the Wider Baltic region can better host – and empower – the forwardly deployed forces from their larger allies. The SLC will provide inspiration through a series of lectures, panel discussions and debate seminars. It will also afford several networking opportunities, such as icebreaker receptions, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners, some of which will include keynote speakers to stimulate thinking and discussion.

Outcomes for 2016

At the end of the SLC, participants should be able to better:

  1. Formulate strategic responses to the challenges and threats to the interests of their respective nations.
  2. Assess the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s evolving geostrategic role in deterring challenges and threats to its members;
  3. Appraise the principles of deterrence in light of the changing geopolitical environment;
  4. Explain the impact of the decisions taken at the Warsaw Summit for the countries of the Wider Baltic region.


Prospective participants should be Flag Officers or civilians at an equivalent level with a demonstrated potential for promotion to high level military/government posts. Military fellows should have graduated from the Higher Command Studies Course, or a War College or equivalent course at Officer Education Level 4. Civilians should have an appropriate academic and professional profile.
More information on the SLC will be provided to participants prior to arrival.


Colonel, LTU A
Course Director SLC 

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