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Marking significant moments in BALTDEFCOL's history

To recognize and celebrate the Baltic Defence College’s 20th Anniversary in 2019, we are collecting significant „moments“ in the history of the BALTDEFCOL.

We encourage all our current and past students, staff and faculty members, partners and friends to participate and share your memories with us. 

What we seek is a diverse range of moments involving events, people, images, ideas and locations. It is not important whether you have lived through them or not, as long you consider these moments as significant to BALTDEFCOL’s evolution.

Please provide a brief description, including the time period or date, your name (and class if applicable). Email your submissions to liis.vahe@baltdefcol.org or submit them through BALTDEFCOL’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/baltdefcol/.

Through these moments, we will reflect on the progress made by the College in the past two decades, celebrate our successes and contemplate what the future holds for us.

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