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NATO Intermediate Strategic Communication Course

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The aim of the course is to educate planners in order for them to ensure StratCom integration and execution occurs at all levels within their headquarters. Target Audience for the ISCC are BALTDEFCOL´s Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) as well as Higher Command and Staff (HCSC) Courses participants, as well as external NATO and national non StratCom discipline planners from Joint/ Operational HQ level or civilian equivalent in rank level OF-3 to OF-5 or civilian equivalent.


Content: The course is organised in cooperation with the STRATCOM CoE. ISCC performance objectives are to understand the fundamentals of NATO Strategic Communications, NATO StratCom policy and its relationship to Political Military (POLMIL) Direction and Guidance (D&G), lnformation Environment in relation to StratCom, the role, function, utility and limitations of StratCom related functions and capabilities and to implement StratCom considerations into processes and products of their branch or department.

Methodology: The methodology used in the course is to enhance training Strategy of 5 days long residential course which consists of combination of a number of theoretical lead-in lectures, followed by practical assignments and discussions through groups blended with online training. The purpose of the chosen methodology is to allow for a higher level of understanding of StratCom’s role in planning process. The course participants are expected to reflect, analyse, and discuss the topics in plenary and in smaller working groups, actively contributing with their own knowledge and experience.


  • Test – open book (pass level 70%).
  • Possibility to retake if failed.
  • 30% of the final grade comes from participation in syndicate work and discussions, contribution to group work and activities, participation in lectures and debates, quality of individual briefings.
  • NATO certificate about successfully accomplished NATO Intermediate StratCom Course (STC-ST-25529) is achieved if course performance objectives are met.

Additional Opportunities

  • Courses: Introduction to Strategic Communications (Online course on ACT Joint Advance Distance Learning Portal)
  • Pre-reading: Pre-reading could be assigned based on actual trends in the Strategic Communications

Admission requirements

  • Students attending the course are selected and nominated by their respective Ministries of Defence or other government agencies and should have acquired already couple of years’ experience from working with defence and security related issues. 
  • English language level should be 3333 according to NATO STANAG 6001.
  • There are up to 10 seats available for NATO HQ, NCS, NFS and nations unless decided otherwise on case-by-case bases.
  • Primary audience for ISCC are BALTDEFCOL students of JCSGSC and HCSC. 

Security Classification: Students should hold a national security clearance. Security Classification for the course and its entire contents are NATO UNCLASSIFIED, releasable to PfP (except Russia). 

BALTDEFCOL policy on personal data: In order to register, participants will be asked to provide personal data. In doing so you are also giving your consent to the processing and storing of your personal data for official use at BALTDEFCOL. You will also be expected to clearly state to BALTDEFCOL staff if you have any objections against appearing on the course photo, having your data in the course address list, etc.


  • Costs: free of charge, but participants must pay for travel, meals and accommodation.
  • Accommodation: Single/double room accommodation can be arranged for all course participants (approximately EUR 55 a night single room, details will be within the joining instructions).
  • Dress Code: Military personnel will wear Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and Civilians will dress Casual.

Schedule and Registration

Further information on the ICSS schedule, and registration form with submission deadline of 25 February 2020, are available at BALTDEFCOL´s webpage. 
If demand is higher than available seats, additional participants may be selected on a first come, first served basis.

Point of Contact

LTC Edgars Allers



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