On behalf of the Commandant and myself it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Civil Servants Course 2016 at the Baltic Defence College in Tartu.

Throughout the three months’ course our aim is to educate creative and active government officials from the Baltic States, as well as their allies and partners.

The course should by design encourage you to take an effective and active role in the development and implementation of national security and defence policies through successful civil-military partnership and cooperation at the operational level.

Having said that, in the beginning of October you will be merged with the military students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) 2016-2017. With the implementation of our new and updated pilot curriculum, we are investing in advancing the academic programme to bring the JCGSC and CSC curricula towards a higher level of synthesis and integration.

I therefore encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity to grow as a professional. There are not many institutions that integrate military and civilian students into a classroom environment. In the months to come, I recommend you to exchange best practices and enhance your understanding of the civil-military cooperation.

More information about the college and the course can be found at our webpage: http://www.baltdefcol.org. The webpage is designed to keep you up to date with all current major topics and recent developments. You will also find the Course Plan on our webpage, which will outline the course`s framework and should be read beforehand. Detailed lecture plans and other course related documents will be issued at the beginning of the academic year and will be placed into the college`s official learning environment “ILIAS”.

Before the start of the course you are required to complete the in-processing form and submit it (Enclosure 1 - please follow the instructions).

After we have received your completed in-processing form you will be contacted by our Course Registrar, Ms. Kaie Ehrenberg, who will give you further information on accommodation, transportation, check-in times and other additional procedures.

I trust that all of you are ready for fresh challenges and opportunities this course will bring. I look forward to opportunities to interact with you during your stay in Tartu!


Mr. Hannes Möllits
Director of Civil Servants Course 2016

Enclosure 1 – In-processing Form

CSC Course Plan 2016

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