Educational Charter of the Baltic Defence College

1. Education is not received, but achieved: as education is the basis of professional and individual self-improvement; students are encouraged to devote themselves to their studies, understanding that the effort they put in will be rewarded by what they get out of the educational process.

2. Minds are not vessels to be filled, but fires to be kindled: faculty should not simp-ly provide facts for students to learn; through small group learning methods, they should also seek to mentor students to help them develop their ability to think for themselves. The objective is not to educate students on what to think, but rather to show them how to think.

3. Knowledge is a potent weapon, so arm yourself well: research facilitates the ac-quisition and transmission of knowledge. And while knowledge is not necessarily power, power can only be wielded effectively with knowledge. Students are inspired to research information in support of their own interests and requirements. Equally, the development of education requires continuous research and self-development on the part of faculty.

4. Professionalism is the key to education and research: responsible faculty must be experts in their respective fields; capable of enacting quality management over the educational process; able to maintain excellent educational materials; and ready to de-vote themselves to their students and work.

5. Assessment should be rigorous and fair: assessment should be understood and designed as a productive learning experience for students, meaning faculty should al-ways endeavour to provide professional, meaningful and constructive feedback. Mean-while, students should receive this feedback in the positive way it is intended, as a learning tool to facilitate self-improvement.

6. Voices should not be raised, arguments should be improved: in keeping with an ethos of free enquiry and transparency, the Baltic Defence College will always foster an open atmosphere, where staff and students can engage – sometimes even robustly – in discussion and debate.

Tartu, 16th March 2016


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