External Cooperation

Working visit by LTG Sławomir Wojciechowski, Commander Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC-NE)

06 May 2021

Working visit by Professor Toomas Asser, Rector of the University of Tartu

26 October 2020

FINCENT Seminar on NATO Systems Approach to Training

20 February 2020, Tartu

Working visit by Col Michael Davis, Commandant of NATO School Oberammergau

18 February 2020

Working meeting with Mr Panagiotis Marzelas, European Security and Defence College / Cybersecurity Training Manager

05 February 2020, Tartu

The working meeting with the University of Glasgow; the University of Trento, the Dublin City University and the Latvian National Defence Academy about the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies (IMSISS) programme. 

05 February 2020, Tartu

The working visit of the students of University of Tartu’s Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies within the International Master Programme in Central and East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies.

06 December 2019, Tartu

The Baltic Defence College hosted students and colleagues from the Estonian School of Diplomacy.

31 October 2019, Tartu

BALTDEFCOL and the Estonian Military Academy hosted the U.S. European Command’s (EUCOM) Capability Enhancement Regional Symposium (CERES).

29-31 October 2019, Tartu

The Central European Forum on Military Education (CEFME) Conference was organised in BALTDEFCOL.

2-4 October 2019, Tartu

Visit by faculty of Chair of Management from School of Economics and Business Administration.

2 October, Tartu

The International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS) publication "Estonian-French Defence Cooperation: Where Estonian Pragmatism Meets French Vision" by ICDS Research Fellow Kalev Stoicescu and Mr Maxime Lebrun from BALTDEFCOL. The analysis offers a comprehensive overview on the defence policy of Estonia and France, and the development of the defence dimension of the European Union.

September 2019

The Annual Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants with BALTDEFCOL participation.

25–26 September 2019, Helsinki

BALTDEFCOL faculty delivered a Module on Strategy Formulation for the National Defence University of Ukraine (NDU) within the NATO Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP).

23-27 September 2019, Kiev

The visit of LTC (ret.) Robert SPESSERT, Assistant Professor in the Department of Joint, Interagency & Multinational Operations at the U.S. Army Command & General Staff School at Fort Gordon, Georgia to exchange experiences on military education curriculum and utilization of exercises for teaching.

20 September 2019, Tartu

The BALTDEFCOL Dean and Faculty of DPS participated in the seminar related to cooperation together with the leadership of the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies of the University of Tartu. The Institute was represented by Mr Mihkel Solvak, the Head of Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, Ms Olga Bogdanova, the Deputy Head for Academic Affairs and Ms Piret Ehin, the Deputy Head for Research.

23 August 2019, Tartu

The BALTDEFCOL Faculty participated in the educational seminar with Finnish National Defence University. The Finnish delegation was headed by Prof. COL (ret.) Mika Hyytiäinen, Prof. LTCOL Janne Mäkitalo, who were accompanied by 6 PhD students.

21 August 2019, Tartu

BALTDEFCOL Dean, Dr. hab. Zdzislaw Sliwa participated in the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum „Ukraine After 2019. A Change or a Continuation?” as a speaker. The event had over 800 participants from Poland, Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership countries, the EU and the US, including government members, politicians, businessmen, regional officials, representatives of international organisations and think tanks. 

24-25 January, Poland

CAPT, U.S. Navy (retired) William "Bill" Combes contributed to the Skytte Institute Master's Program 'Security of the Baltic Sea Region Project' conducted by the EURUS students of the University of Tartu.

October – December 2018, Tartu

A Tabletop Exercise 'Baltics: Left of Bang' was conducted at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). It was organised by the U.S. National Defense University, the Finnish National Defence University and the Swedish Defence University in cooperation with BALTDEFCOL. The aim of the exercise was to discuss anticipated activities among the U.S., EU, NATO, the Baltic and Nordic states and others.

6 December 2018, Tartu

Central & East European, Russian & Eurasian Studies (CEERES) students of UT Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies visited the Baltic Defence College.

23 November 2018, Tartu

A delegation from the Polish War Studies University (WSU) led by Prof. Col. Leszek Elak, Vice-Rector for Didactic Affairs visited the BALTDEFCOL as part of their tour to the Baltic states. During the meeting, various cooperation projects between WSU and BALTDEFCOL were discussed, including the Exercise Joint Resolve 2019 that will take place in May 2019 in Poland. WSU's Staff Ride to the Baltic states was also one of the discussion topics.

23 October 2018, Tartu

Commander Gary Brooks, British Defence Attaché to Estonia visited the Baltic Defence College as a Guest Speaker for Elective 1 'Military Security of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania' of the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2018-2019. Commander Brooks talked about ’Western Powers and Baltic Cooperation – the Key to Credible Defence, Part 2. United Kingdom’.

22 October 2018, Tartu

Colonel Michael M. Minor, Canadian Defence Attaché to Baltic States visited the Baltic Defence College as a Guest Lecturer for the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2018-2019 and gave a presentation about Canada’s defence policy towards Baltic Region and NATO.

15 October 2018, Tartu

The Baltic Defence College is part of a consortium working on a project peacetraining.eu financed by the EU under Horizon 2020. The College was represented at the Shaping the Future of Peace Training in Europe and Beyond - the final conference of the project that aimed to develop connections between the people involved in training for the conflict prevention and peacebuilding and exploring novel approaches to training practitioners in these areas. With 150 participants, 18 workshops, 4 plenaries and hands-on presentations of new tools in training for missions of conflict prevention and peace building, the conference explored in depth the variety of issues of preparation for the peace missions, creative approaches to design of these missions and methods and methodologies of training for both.

1-2 October 2018, Vienna

Dean of BALTDEFCOL, PhD hab. Zdzislaw Sliwa and Mr. Maxim Lebrun, the Acting Editor-in-Chief of the “The Journal on Baltic Security” had a working meeting with counterparts from the Polish War Studies University Akademia Sztuki Wojennej. Lt. Col. Radosław Bielawski, PhD Eng., the Editor-in-Chief of the “Security and Defence Quarterly” accompanied by Ms. Dorota Domalewska, PhD, the Associate Editor, visited Tartu to discuss fields of cooperation between academic journals including mutual promotion and exchange of scientific papers.

24 September 2018, Tartu

Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava, First Deputy Chief of General Staff of Georgia visited the Baltic Defence College to discuss future cooperation between BALTDEFCOL and Georgian armed forces within professional military education and mutual support.

19 September 2018, Tartu

Baltic Defence College and Polish War Studies University hold an Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for the Exercise Joint Resolve 2019 in order to prepare a draft of the Exercise Plan. 

17-20 September 2018, Tartu

Commandant of the Baltic Defence College Major General Andis Dilāns and Rector-Commandant of the Akademia Sztuki Wojennej (Polish War Studies University) Brigadier General Ryszard Parafianowicz signed the Letter of Intent on Cooperation between the two institutions.

14 September 2018, Tartu

Colonel Dalius Polekauskas participated in the annual NATO Exercises STEADFAST PYRAMID (STPD 18) and PINNACLE (STPE 18) as Syndicate Facilitator to lead group of senior NATO officers through a series of practical exercises designed to enable learning and develop senior leader skills and abilities to plan and execute crisis response operations (CRO) in complex operational environments. 

September 2018, Riga

Commandant of the Baltic Defence College Major General Andis Dilāns accompanied by Director of Department of Leadership and Management Studies Colonel Yrjö Lehtonen and Director of the Department of Political and Strategic Studies Mr. Kjetil Berge paid a visit to the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE) to exchange experiences related to the professional military education, enhance common understanding of hybrid warfare and discuss further cooperation. Both institutions agreed to exchange subject matter experts and deepen the connections.

5th September 2018, Helsinki

The Baltic Defence College participated in organizing III International Scientific Conference in the framework of the 26th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO. Dean of BALTDEFCOL Dr. Zdzisław Śliwa delivered a speech on "The Tendencies of Unmanned Ground Vehicles Development toward Future Warfare" in one of the discussion panels.

4th September 2018, Kielce

LTC Lekveishvili from National Defence Academy of Georgia gave a lecture on ’Security in Caucasus’ to the students of Joint Command and General Staff Course.

3rd September 2018, Tartu

Major General Andis Dilāns, Commandant of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) and Lieutenant General Manfred Hofmann, Commander Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC NE), signed an Agreement of Cooperation between BALTDEFCOL and Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast and agreed on improving the knowledge and understanding of issues related to security in the Baltic States and beyond, exchanging of Subject-Matters Experts, supporting each other in the field of operations with expertise/advice and inviting each other to participate in conferences, study periods, exercises and other events.

2nd August 2018, Tallinn

Representatives of the Polish War Studies University COL Dr hab. Krzysztof Krakowski, COL Dr hab. Eng. Leszek Elak and COL Dr hab. Tomasz Kosmider visited the Baltic Defence College in order to discuss future plans and enhance the cooperation between the two institutions. This includes organisation of common workshops and participation of the BALTDEFCOL's students in the WSU's future exercises.

22nd-23rd May 2018, Tartu

Representatives of the Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC NE), LTC Marek Skrobicki and LTC Sven Andersen discussed further mutual assistance between the two institutions within the domains of Professional Military Education and academic research. The topics included participation in exercises, staff exchanges, conferences and seminars and joint support in organizing such major civil-military undertakings.

17th May 2018, Tartu

Annual meeting of Heads of Nordic Military Libraries took place at the Baltic Defence College. Participants Kirsten Bisgaard (Danish Defence Library Centre), Tiina Järvinen (Finnish National Defence University Library), Catrin Mårdell (Anna Lindh Library), Nina Riege (Norwegian Defence University College Library) and BALTDEFCOL's librarians Eve Vahtra and Kerli Puna discussed changes the respective libraries have made during the last year and exchanged experiences and best practices on the acquisition policies of the libraries.

19th April 2018, Tartu

LTC Pål Straete, Head of NATO/EU Department of the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre and BALTDEFCOL faculty shared experiences in the field of professional military education and discussed possible areas of mutual interest and cooperation between the two institutions.

4th April 2018, Tartu

U.S. Strategic Command participated in the Baltic Defence College Annual Conference on Russia. The conference brought together academics, analysts and military officers to discuss security challenges and analyse potential responses, as well as to discuss deterring Russia. USSTRATCOM provided a panelist for the session on "Multilateral Deterrence in the 21st Century: Key Aspects and Dilemmas." Other conference panels explored topics suchs as Russian escalation patterns, lessons learned from the Zapad Exercise, and NATO responses to Russian actions and ambitions.

8th-9th March 2018, Tartu

The Commandant of Baltic Defence College, Major General Andis Dilāns visited Polish Naval Academy and signed a Letter of Intent on cooperation with the Rector-Commandant Captain Navy Professor Tomasz Szubrycht.

15th February 2018, Gdynia

The Commandant of Baltic Defence College, Major General Andis Dilāns paid a working visit to the Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC NE). During the meeting with MNC NE Commanding Officer Lieutenant General Manfred Hofmann (German Army) the areas in which both organizations could develop efforts in projecting stability and adding to deterrence effects in the region with a focus on professional military education and exercises were discussed. These endeavors include also the exchange of subject matter experts and contribution to activities enhancing professional development of personnel.

13th-14th February 2018, Szczecin

The Baltic Defence College Dean, Dr hab. Zdzislaw Sliwa and Colonel Albertas Dapkus, the Director of Senior Leaders’ Course and the Higher Command Studies Course conducted a working visit to the NATO Defence College. During the meeting with Brigadier General Heinz Josef Feldmann, the Division Head of Academic Planning and Policy they discussed both PME organizations' roles, courses and options for future cooperation.

09th-10th January 2018, Rome

Mr. Steen Bornholdt Andersen from the Institute for Military History and War Studies Royal Danish Defence College and BALTDEFCOL faculty shared experiences related to both organizations staff ride programmes.

14 December 2017, Tartu

The delegation of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine visited the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) to exchange experiences related to current conflicts and to discuss future cooperation.

05th-07th December, Tartu

The staff members of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Estonia (NATO eFP EST) paid a working visit in the College to discuss potential for cooperation and security related matters.

28th November 2017, Tartu

The Dean of the Baltic Defence College, Dr Zdzislaw Sliwa represented BALTDEFCOL during The Annual Conference of the International Society of Military Science (ISMS) in Oslo. He is a member of the ISMS Council. 

15th-17th November, Oslo

The Baltic Defence College Dean, Dr Zdzislaw Sliwa provided lectures in the Akademia Marynarki Wojennej w Gdyni (Poland’s Naval Academy) in Gdynia related to regional security.

06th-10th November 2017, Gdynia

BALTDEFCOL Dean, Dr Zdzislaw Sliwa provided lectures in the Poland’s Naval Academy in Gdynia for the military student participating in senior officers’ courses. It was focused on regional security within the ‘Cathedra Ad-Hoc’ program initiated by the Polish Ministry of Defence.

6th-10th November 2017, Gdynia

The Baltic Defence College hosted the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) Professional Military Education (PME) Working Group (WG) focusing students’ exchange in between respective institutions in spring and fall semesters of 2018.

6th-7th November 2017, Tartu

Mr Dirk Dubois, the Head of the European Security Defence College discussed with BALTDEFCOL leadership the Professional Military Education with the focus on the cooperation with the European Union and contribution to ESDC Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) High-Level Course.

18th October 2017, Tartu

The future of cooperation with the General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces in Wroclaw was a matter of official visit of Commandant Major General Andis Dilāns.

13th October 2017, Wroclaw

The Commandant of Baltic Defence College MG Andis Dilāns, Dean Dr Zdzislaw Sliwa and Polish Senior National Representative Col Miroslaw Smolarek conducted an official visit to the Polish War Studies University (WSU) in Warsaw.

12th October 2017, Warsaw

The BALTDEFCOL delegation participated in the Annual Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants 2017 to broaden cooperation with the Danish Royal Defence College, the Finnish National Defence University, the Norwegian Defence University College and the Swedish Defence University.

11th October 2017

The Baltic Defence College held a seminar on German Bundestag election with participation of Professor Vello Pettai and lecturer Thomas Linsemaier from the Skytte Institute of the University of Tartu.

19th September, Tartu

Lieutenant General Tim Radford, Commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) delivered a lecture 'The ARRC – Corps Operations and Land Componency’ to the faculty members and students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2017/2018 and Civil Servants’ Course 2017.

19th September, Tartu

The faculty members of the Department of Leadership and Warfighting Faculty of the United States Air War College (AWC) participated in a seminar with BALTDEFCOL faculty related to regional security.

15th September, Tartu

The BALTDEFCOL faculty participated in the Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD) 2017 “European Defence Cooperation: Out of the Shadows?”. The conference was organised by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia and the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS).

5th-6th September, Tallinn

The lecture “ODE’s (Officer Directing the Exercise) role in JWC supported exercises” by Major General Andrzej Reudowicz (POL A), the Commander of the Joint Warfare Centre for students of the JCGSC.

17th August 2017, Tartu

The workshop on Adult Learning within the BALTDEFCOL Faculty Development Programme by Prof. James Groccia from Auburn University and the University of Tartu.

8th-10th August 2017, Tartu

The BALTDEFCOL’s Dean, Dr Zdzislaw Sliwa to Chair the conference ‘Integrated Air & Missile Defence Eastern Europe. Combatting the Regional Airborne Threat: Integration, Collaboration and Modernisation’ organized by Defence IQ.

25th-26th July 2017, Warsaw

Dean Dr. Zdzislaw Sliwa participates in an academic symposium “Hybrid Threats Scenarios and Options to Face Them as an Integral Part of Security of the Republic of Poland” at the Poland’s War Studies University (WSU) in Warsaw under auspices of Poland’s Ministry of Defence.

28th June 2017, Warsaw

The lecture for faculty and students of the JCGSC by the Ambassador of the US to Estonia, H.E. Mr. James D. Melville, Jr.

13th June 2017, Tartu

The lecture “USSTRATCOM Deterrence Overview” for faculty and students of the HCSC and the JCGSC by General Clinton E. Crosier, J5 Director of Plans and Policy, US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM).

24th May 2017, Tartu

Security seminar with students of the HCSC and Military Representatives and Defence Counsellors accredited to NATO.

10th May 2017, Tartu

MG Andis Dilāns together with Professor in the Department of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk addresses the Canadian Security Studies Course (CSSC) and CFC faculty during the Europe/Russia seminar.

8th May 2017, Toronto

MG Andis Dilāns and Dr. Zdzislaw Sliwa participate in the “Baltic Security Forum” with faculty of the US Army War College moderated by Professor Marybeth Ulrich.

3rd May 2017, Toronto

The lecture for faculty and students of the HCSC and the JCGSC by H.E. Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia.

4th April 2017


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