Procedure for late arrivals,in-processing of students from at-risk countriesand organisation of education– Pre-Course Handout for Students


The Government of Estonia has imposed some restrictions in the country’s strategy to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This annex is specific to JCGSC 2020-2021and provides direction for students who will join the course from countries at-risk of increasedCOVID-19 infectionsand require to self-isolate immediatelyupon arrival. Italso details the organisation of education in a reduced freedom of movementenvironment.

In-processing proceduresfor students coming from at-risk countriesforother courses and conferences will be published closer to the event.This annex shall be sent to all JCGSC students and published onBALTDEFCOL’s Website and Social Media platform.

In-processing procedures for students not requiring to self-isolate will take place in BALTDEFCOL’s premises in accordance with the Course Plan, with the caveat that health protection measures will be applied(See organisation of education section below).

Achievement of education during periods of reduced freedom of movement– Key Message

Generally, BALTDEFCOL favours a blended approach, with a mixture of live interactions and remote workand where each method is utilized to maximize effectiveness. Achieving learningexclusivelyat a distanceismuchmore difficult thanlive.This is particularly true on JCGSC where so much isdependenton learning from each other. The situation is furtherexacerbated at the outset of a course, when team-building issocritical to establish the conditions for successful learning.

Whether self-isolating because coming from a country at-risk or because members may feel symptoms associated withCOVID-19, staff, faculty and students will always strive to return to live interactiveand blendedlearning environment as soon as conditions permit.

The profession of arms is too critical to assume risk in learning our ultimate business. This is why we cannot simply deliver JCGSC in total via distance learning methodologies. These conditions may change from day-to-day and we should be ready toadaptour posture at a moment’s notice.

Late arrivals

It is recognized that some students may have difficulty travelling. BALTDEFCOLcan accept students up to 28 August 2020. Past this date, achievement of learning objectives will be seriouslycompromisedand incompatible with the award of a diploma.Students arriving later than the start of the course but before 28 August will follow the prescriptions of this annex.Students arriving after 28 August will be subject to recommendation for returning home.

Self-isolationand testing

Studentsfromcountries of higher risk of COVID-19 transmissionandtheir familymembersareexpectedtoself-isolate for14 days upon arrivalunless they have been in-country already for 14 days and have remained asymptomatic.For these persons, tests to be conducted at earliest possibility upon arrival and after two weeks for persons coming fromcountries of higher risk of COVID-19 transmission. Appointment booking will be arranged byDepartment of Supportand informationpassed to respective individualsBALTDEFCOL driver will pick up individuals and take to the testing place. BALTDEFCOL will cover testing expenses.In case of positive results of the test, the Estonian regulations at the time will apply in respect to the necessary proceduresand measures.

Students in self-isolation are expected to attend all course activities via distance learning methodology.

Upon arrival

Students pick up their keysforthe dormitory apartment, together withtheirwelcome package, attheBALTDEFCOL security desk.

Contracts foraccommodationswill be intheirrespective apartments.Studentswillreview and sign their contract and place theminthedormitories manager’s mailbox at Ida Street 1.Detailedinstructions will begiveninthewelcome package.

Information Systems

Eachstudentwill be issued a laptop. Laptop will be set up for the respective student and be placed in the student’s apartment at IdaStreettogether with the loan paper, before the student’s arrival.

On the laptop’s desktop,there will be a step-by-step instruction how toaccess and set upMicrosoft Teams,e-mail, ILIAS and OISenvironments. These will be supplemented by paper handouts and aide-memoires.

Students will sign the loan paperandsubmit itthe same way asaccommodationcontract;

IT sectionwillconductcommunicationcheck with each individual NLT 0830, Mon 17 August2020, and individually with students arriving late to their course.

Studentswill be required to take the English language test online at the same time as the rest of the course, with theMicrosoft Teamsactivated and camera & microphone‘ON’, to ensureability to communicatewhen/if requiredby/withthe test organisers.

Financial matters

In case the sponsored students cannot open a bank account during self-isolation period,BALTDEFCOL willhand overthe first month’s sponsorship sum in cash againstasigned document confirming its reception.

Organisation of Education

Education will be delivered in an environment of reduced freedom of movement where health protection is paramount.This can range from no restriction at all to a formal lock-down where all of our activities are delivered via distance learning methodologies.

What follows are key take-aways and relevant extracts form theCommandant’s Order onBALTDEFCOL’swork posture effective 11 August 2020.

•All social activities are suspended upon further notice. Team-Building events such as initial evening ice-breaker will be programmed when attendance by all can be assured.

•Unless notified otherwise or self-isolating, education will take place in the premises of BALTDEFCOL.Nevertheless, all lectures will be broadcast via Microsoft Teams to allow for overflow and other members of the College to participate.

•A station at the entrance of BALTDEFCOLcontains sanitizer and masks. All must use sanitizer and procure masks before proceeding to the premises.

•Masks will be worn whenever in contact with other individuals where the 2 metres distancing cannot be guaranteed.

•Masks will be worn when transiting in public areas (corridors, lecture halls, etc).

•Individuals should remove their masks at regular intervals to allow skin to breath and should be changed after three hours.

•Syndicates will be organized so as not to exceed 50%of room capacity.

•Rooms will be ventilated between usage.


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