News and Events 2014


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Baltic Ministerial Committee Meeting
12th December 2014

Visit by the Director of European Partnership Task Force
9th December 2014

Security Policy and Strategic Thinking
9th December 2014

Baltic Land Power Symposium
3rd December 2014

The Baltic Defence College’s international conference on Russian ‘power projection’
28th November 2014

Visit by the Czech Ambassador H.E. Mr Richard Kadlčák
27th November 2014

Visit of the Commander of Multinational Corps Northeast
27th November 2014

Visit by Lithuanian Parliament Member
26th November 2014

Visit by Director of Policy and Plans, NATO International Military Staff
24th November 2014

Bilateral agreement signed with NATO Energy Security Centre for Excellence
22nd November 2014

NATO exercise Cyber Coalition 2014 – Distinguished Visitors
20th November 2014

International Night in the Baltics
11th November 2014

Unconventional Warfare Seminar
7th November 2014

Military Committee Meeting
7th November 2014

The Commandant visited NATO HQ
6th November 2014

Visit by Chief of General Staff of Georgian Armed Forces
28th October 2014

Visit by Mayor of Tartu
27th October 2014

Central European Forum on Military Education
23rd October 2014

Visit by the Polish Ambassador H.E. Mr. Robert Filipczak
17th October 2014

Visit by President of Centre for Defence Higher Studies of Italy
16th October 2014

6th Annual Conference on Baltic Military History
15th October 2014

Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants 2014
9th October 2014

Visit to North American Military Educational Institutions
8th October 2014

Visit by Chief of Defence of the Norwegian Defence Forces
8th October 2014

Commandant‘s visit to the NATO Energy Security Centre for Excellence
7th October 2014

Baltdefcol students in Tartu Marathon
7th October 2014

Operation Albion Case Study in Saaremaa
6th October 2014

Visit by delegation of Finnish Defence Forces
30th September 2014

European Military Press Associations Congress 2014
29th September 2014

Visit by the British Ambassador H.E. Chris Holtby
24th September 2014

BALTDEFCOL team in Tartu MTB Marathon
22nd September 2014

Visit by the Finnish Navy Officers’ Association
22nd September 2014

Baltic Coordination Group meeting
16th September 2014

Visit by the School of Advanced Military Studies delegation
5th September 2014

BALTDEFCOL students and Directing staff met President Barack Obama
4th September 2014

Visit by Estonian Commander of the Defence Forces
2nd September 2014

Baltic Defence College Joint Command and General Staff Course visited Standing NATO Mine Countermeasure Group 1 (SNMCMG1)
25th August 2014

BALTDEFCOL in Tartu Summer run
21st August 2014

Visit by Counsellor at the Embassy of Canada in Vilnius
14th August 2014

Opening Ceremony for the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2014-2015
11th August 2014

Baltic Defence College honoured the former Minister of Defence of Denmark- Hans Hækkerup
19th June 2014

Graduation Ceremony of the Joint Command and General Staff Course and the Civil Servants Course 2013/2014
19th June 2014

Visit by Lithuanian Minister of Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs
18th June 2014

Baltic Defence College is proud of all of its graduates
13th June 2014

Baltic Defence College will rename one of its lecture room´s after Hans Haekkerup, in honour of the former Minister of Defence of Denmark Hans Hækkerup
13th June 2014

Visit by Estonian Minister of Defence
7th June 2014

Visit of the Baltic Naval Intermediate Command and Staff Course
4th June 2014

Capacity Building of Baltic Civil Servants and BALTDEFCOL Faculty
3rd June 2014

The Baltic Study Tour
3rd June 2014

43rd Conference of Commandants
29th May 2014

Visit by officers of Turkish War College
21st May 2014

International Study Tour
12th May 2014

The Second Annual BALTDEFCOL Cyber Conference
11th April 2014

BALTDEFCOL students and staff participated in international exercise VIKING 14
10th April 2014

Visit by Chairman of European Union Military Committee
28th March 2014

Donation presented to the children of Tartu Maarja School
27th March 2014

Visit by Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum
25th March 2014

Visit by Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia and delegation of Military Academy of Macedonia
19th March 2014

Baltic Defence College 15th Anniversary Basketball 3x3 Tournament Completed
19th March 2014

Civil-Military Affairs Course ended
14th March 2014

US Air War College Group visited Baltic Defence College
12th March 2014

Visit by Rector of National Defence Academy of Georgia
10th March 2014

BALTDEFCOL Commandant visited Spain
6th March 2014

BALTDEFCOL 15th anniversary conference
28th February 2014

Baltic Defence College 15th Anniversary
28th February 2014

Baltic Coordination Group meeting held in Tallinn
21st February 2014

Exercise Collaborative Effort continues
21st February 2014

Exercise COLLABORATIVE EFFORT 14 Continues into Second Week
18th February 2014

Baltic Defence College student team participated in Tartu Marathon Team Relay
10th February 2014

BALTDEFCOL Commandant visited French War College
8th February 2014

Exercise Collaborative Effort 14 begins
7th February 2014

BALTDEFCOL Commandant participated in annual Nordic-Baltic Chiefs of Defence Meeting
2nd February 2014

Visit by Supreme Commander of Swedish Armed Forces
28th January 2014

Baltic Defence College holds its first elective modules
10th January 2014

Opening of Civil Servants Course 2014
6th January 2014


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