News and Events 2020


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Staff Meeting concluded an extraordinary year – 2020!
15th December 2020

JCGSC oral exam completed
4th December 2020

Graduation Ceremony of the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course
1st December 2020

CSELC 2020 is back in business
23rd November 2020

Latvian celebration of Lāčplēsis Day and Independence Day
19th November 2020

The Virtual Conference of the International Society of Military Sciences
29th October 2020

Faculty Development Programme – learning through the academic year
26th October 2020

Visit by Professor Toomas Asser, Rector of the University of Tartu
26th October 2020

"In Memoriam" Charity Run
23rd October 2020

Online Debate "The Next POTUS: Shaping Things to Come"
20th October 2020

Virtual Baltic Defence Study Trip
19th October 2020

Half done, half ahead - Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course 2020
16th October 2020

Visit by the General Graziano, Chairman of the EU Military Commitee
2nd October 2020

11th Baltic Military History Conference
24th September 2020

Book Launch "Visions cannot be neglected – compilation of General Pēteris Radziņš writings"
21st September 2020

Opening Ceremony of the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course
21st September 2020

Roundtable "Quo Vadis Belarus?"
17th September 2020

Annual Baltic Military History Conference to take place on 22nd-23rd of September
1st September 2020

BALTDEFCOL is hosting Final Planning Workshop for the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders' Course 2020
25th August 2020

Opening Ceremony of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2020/2021
17th August 2020

Important information to students of JCGSC 2020/2021
10th August 2020

Change of Command Ceremony
19th June 2020

Ending our Academic Year 2019/2020 with Staff Meeting
12th June 2020

Graduation Ceremony of Higher Command Studies Course 2020
4th June 2020

Visit by Col Paul Clayton, Commander of NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in Estonia
27th May 2020

Virtual Graduation Ceremony of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2019/2020
14th May 2020

Education process continues at BALTDEFCOL
19th April 2020

Virtual Graduation Ceremony of the Civil Servant´s Course
6th April 2020

BALTDEFCOL hosted its Operational Level Energy Security Course online
26th March 2020

First “NATO Intermediate Strategic Communications Course” is conducted in Baltic Defence College
25th March 2020

Visit of POL War Studies University
12th March 2020

6th Annual Conference on Russia
8th March 2020

Visit by H.E. Mr Andris Teikmanis, Head of the Chancellery of the President of Latvia
6th March 2020

Distinguished Visitor's Afternoon
6th March 2020

Visit by MG Sergeii Salkutsan, the Deputy Commandant of the National Defence University of Ukraine
5th March 2020

15th International Night at BALTDEFCOL
2nd March 2020

4th Multinational NCO Workshop in Belgrade
27th February 2020

Celebration of Baltic Defence College 21st Anniversary and 102nd Anniversary of Republic of Estonia
25th February 2020

FINCENT Seminar on NATO Systems Approach to Training
25th February 2020

Visit by Mr Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council
18th February 2020

Visit by Col Michael Davis, Commandant of NATO School Oberammergau
18th February 2020

Faculty Development Programme continued at BALTDEFCOL
17th February 2020

Visit by Mr Jānis Garisons, State Secretary of Ministry of Defence of Latvia
14th February 2020

Baltic Sea Maritime Security Roundtable
11th February 2020

Visit by MG Michel Delion, Director of the Centre for Doctrine and Command Teaching 
11th February 2020

Honouring the 25th Anniversary of Baltic Battalion
6th February 2020

Seminar “Know yourself, Know your Adversaries”
30th January 2020

Command Senior Enlisted Leader Course After Action Review Conference completed in Varde Denmark
27th January 2020

Opening of the Higher Command Studies Course and Civil Servants' Course 2020
13th January 2020

Visit by General (ret) Hans Lothar Domröse, Former COM JFC Brunssum
13th January 2020

Freedom Defenders Day of Lithuania
8th January 2020


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