SAVE THE DATE: Seventh Annual Conference on Russia taking place on 4th-5th March 2021

The Baltic Defence College’s Annual Conference on Russia titled 'Responding to Russia in a Multi-Threat World' will take place on 4th–5th March 2021. In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be conducted online. 

The Conference on Russia changes its perspective biennially, and as the 2020 iteration “Russia in the World: Vision and Realities” focused on internal discussions within Russia – the 2021 Conference is focusing on how the West is preparing, reacting, and responding to Russian activities at these times of turmoil. 

Russian elites are increasingly debating the possibility of alternative world orders in order to distinguish Russia’s role in the world. The West subscribes to liberal democratic traditions that are alien and even menacing for the Russian elites and ordinary citizens. Compared to the West, there are several sources for conservative values that still predominate in Russia: implicit Slavophilia as seen by Solzhenitsyn from the Russian Empire, Orthodox ecumenism over pluralism, historical collectivism over individualism, and cultural conservativism over liberalism. 

With its liberal understanding of the world, the West considers such a debate over worldviews and values to be healthy. These debates, however, are much less a part of Russian discourse. How does Russia perceive and respond to these debates from the West? How are they interpreted?

More information about the program, speakers, and other relevant information can be found in the conference webpage.

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