Virtual visit and lecture by MG Michel Delion, Director of the Centre for Doctrine and Command Teaching

On 12th May, Major General Michel Delion, Director of the Centre for Doctrine and Command Teaching (CDEC) for the French Army paid a virtual working visit to the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL).

It is another contribution to College education, as in February 2020, Major General Delion paid a visit to BALTDEFCOL to meet the BALTDEFCOL leadership, exchange information and get a better understanding of the various courses and activities conducted at the College. MG Delion addressed a lecture to the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) and provided insights on current operational challenges and conditions of success on the battlefield.

This very good initiative is to continue today. HCSC 2021 had a good opportunity to listen to a lecture titled “The French Defence Policy Planning and Execution” by the Director of the CDEC. The lecture covered a range of topics related to contemporary warfare and the role of leaders in the evolving battlefield environment faced by the Battle-Hardened Army. The presentation of the Strategic Vision of the Chief of the French Army was very well received by HCSC participants as very closely related to their education. The brief triggered range of questions leading to a very interactive discussion.


MG Delion also received the brief about BALTDEFCOL Command Enlisted Leaders’ Course, which aim is to prepare Command Senior Enlisted Leaders to effectively advise, support and enhance strategic level leadership’s decision making to meet anticipated political and security challenges within a dynamic and complex Baltic Sea regional environment.


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