Senior Mentors in Joint Resolve 2021


Exercise Joint Resolve 2021 is supported by two Senior Mentors: General (ret.) Erhard Bühler from Germany and Commodore (ret.) Hans Christian Helseth from Norway. Both fulfil the role as Joint Force Commander for their respective Joint Operations Planning Groups, in addition to offering advice and guidance at all levels and phases of the exercise.

The Senior Mentors have a deep knowledge and experience in NATO operations and procedures and add a layer that the permanent staff cannot replicate. They are embedded with the training audience and follow closely the development of the plan and are also used by the staff and faculty for information and advice.

In the role as Commander, the Senior Mentors guide the development and approve the recommendations presented by the planning teams. In this way the procedures and processes of real-life operations can be replicated in a realistic way. Their contribution is highly appreciated by faculty and students and it is very valuable contribution to education in the Baltic Defence College. 


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