NATO ACT on-site visit at the BALTDEFCOL – towards NATO institutional accreditation

On 10th and 11th June, the Quality Assurance team of the NATO ACT conducted their on-site visit at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) to assess the College Quality Management Standards. This was an essential step to complete the NATO institutional accreditation process as prescribed by the Bi-SC Education and Individual Training Directive 075-007.

The programme of the event was built around the key quality management standards that were discussed with the BALTDEFCOL team in details. These quality management standards are leadership and management (including the QM policy, long term plans and communication with internal and external stakeholders), information and knowledge management, staff orientation and development, budget allocation and resources in support of training, definition and delivery of education, students assessment, support to training and learning and contribution to NATO. Prior to the visit, the BALTDEFCOL submitted its self-assessment report that provided the analysis of the current standards and the future development areas.

During the programme, the NATO ACT team had discussions with subject-matter experts and engaged with relevant faculty members, staff and students. Additionally, the NATO team had an opportunity to attend the BALTDEFOL International Night. It allowed socializing with the faculty and students in an informal setting and experience one of the most popular and long-standing BALTDEFCOL traditions.

In concluding remarks, the ACT delegation highlighted the Mentorship and Faculty Development Programmes, Mid-Course after-action reviews and the integration of research and conferences, and curricula. In addition, some of the potential developments were identified. For example, more focus on developing a communication strategy as a daily basis document for all faculty, staff and students.

To uphold the highest level of quality in education and to remain a relevant partner for NATO, the NATO Accreditation is deemed very important for the BALTDEFCOL in support of Alliance deterrence efforts and to maintain a high degree of attractiveness. This is a unity of effort and achievable only thanks to cohesive and coherent teamwork.


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