Preparations for theAcademic Year 2021/2022

All Baltic Defence College Staff and Faculty members are back from summer block leave to finalize preparations for the Academic Year 2021/2022. The first two weeks in August are dedicated to the Faculty Development Programme (FDP), which is designed to promote a culture of continuous improvement and support the Quality Management System. This two-week session prepares staff for the incoming Academic Year. It serves also as an integration of newly arrived staff members within the College and within respective departments. It will support developing knowledge and Faculty ́s abilities to deliver education within an adult learning environment.

The sessions cover topics on cultural differences, educational tools, research papers etc. In addition to internal speakers, Dr Grete Arro, the researcher for the Centre for Innovation in Education at Tallinn University and the specialist in educational psychology and didactics at the Tallinn University of Technology, delivered a seminar on “Counterintuitive nature of learning - how learning happens at the cognitive and neurobiological level and what should we learn from it?”.

On the practical side, a Syndicate Guiding Officer Workshop and a Workshop for Module and Elective Coordinator are ahead.

Although in August, the FDP kicks off with two-week long session, the programme will continue throughout the academic year focussing on improving the quality of education.


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