Opening Ceremony of the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders' Course 2021

Today, on 20th September the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) welcomed the new course participants of the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course (CSELC) 2021. CSELC was designed in 2019 to fill the educational gap the Nations have and to prepare Command Senior Enlisted Leaders (CSELs) for the service in a National and Multinational environment on a strategic level. Two successful years are behind, plenty of lessons identified and today we can say this course is designed from CSEL’s for the CSELs.

This year 21 students from 15 nations - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Georgia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the US – will spend the following three months here in Tartu. During the studies, they will participate in three different modules, which include topics on leadership and national and international security challenges. This year, the selected CSELC graduates from the BALTDEFCOL Framework Nations - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, support the course. They are responsible for developing, planning, conducting, and assessing educational modules. Additionally, they act as Mentors for the course participants.

In his opening remarks, Commandant Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm welcomed all the participants and stressed that all the participants have been selected for the course. He recommended using time efficiently and building personal connections because the community of CSELs is like a gentlemen’s club, for the few selected ones where everybody knows each other. Finally, yet importantly, he said that the utmost importance is to be proactive, provide feedback as their’ vast experience and professional knowledge will help us to ensure the sustainability of the quality.

The Course Director and College Sergeant Major Peeter Einbaum wrote in his foreword that this course is much more than passively receiving lectures on numerous topics covering different aspects of the national, regional, and global security challenges and concerns. Primarily, it is about learning from each other! Be open! Be ready to share your views and experience.

The BALTDEFCOL family sends warm welcomes to all CSELs, and we all wish you a successful academic journey! Follow our Code of Conduct – respect our BALTDEFCOL family members, take responsibility, be open and have fun!


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