Book Launch "General Nikolai Reek Writings on Operations and Leadership. Including Operation Albion and Battle of Cēsis"

The Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) is pleased to announce that the series on the writings of the highest military officers in the Baltics has reached the next milestone.

On 20th September, BALTDEFCOL launched the second book titled “General Nikolai Reek Writings on Operations and Leadership. Including Operation Albion and Battle of Cēsis” compiled and edited by Mr Art Johanson (Lecturer in Military History and Strategic Planning). The main aim of this project is to popularize the Baltic nations ’military leadership and history but not only. BALTDEFCOL also uses these writings for educational purposes - for example during the Joint Command and General Staff Course Staff Ride to Saaremaa the students analyze Operation Albion, based on General Reek's manuscript.

During the book launch, Mr Art Johanson moderated a discussion with Col Vahur Karus, Commandant of the Estonian Military Academy, Mr Toomas Hiio, Head of Research of Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum, and Dr Martin Nassua, Director of International Office, University of the Bundeswehr Hamburg.

Col Karus gave an overview of Nikolai Reek’s writings on leadership and their importance for the military, as well he outlined the importance of Reek’s writings on operations. As a historian, Mr Toomas Hiio assessed the value of Nikolai Reek's works and made comparisons in the historical context of the text. Dr Martin Nassua's view covered the leadership skills held by an officer like Reek and also highlighted the role of the Germans in the Baltics in the 1919 context. The speeches were followed by active discussion.

The first book, published in 2020, was dedicated to General Pēteris Radziņš (LVA) titled "Visions cannot be neglected – a compilation of General Pēteris Radziņš writings" (available here).

Pdf-format of the book could be find here (link)



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