NATO Command Senior Enlisted Leaders sharing their experiences with Command Senior Enlisted Leaders Course

At the end of September, the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course (CSELC) has been focused on the practical aspects of the Leadership up to the Strategic level and CSEL role within the different Command Teams.

The highlights of the week have been the lectures provided by the former CSEL Allied Command Operations Command Sergeant Major Davor Petek, and the Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples CSEL Command Sergeant Major Jürgen Stark, and the current Allied Command Operations (ACO) Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Siim Saliste.

During the lectures, all the CSELs shared their experiences on being a CSEL in a Strategic Command Team. The aim was to describe the roles of Strategic Level CSEL and explain the challenges they are faced in their respective positions. The speeches were enriched by several examples from different situations intertwined with jokes arising from the multicultural working environment. It all came together in a very good pot illustrating the CSEL’s position in international organisations and was a valuable addition to the course.

The first module “Strategic Leadership” was concluded with an exercise that allowed the course participants to operationalize the knowledge obtained.

Moreover, the second part of the exercise gave the chance to brainstorm on future warfare and its impact on the Non-Commissioned Officers' training requirements.

Dedicated working groups presented their findings and recommendations to the board of top NATO CSELs and the Commandant of the Baltic Defence College Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm.

The second module will concentrate on the National Security.

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