BALTDEFCOL and EMA signed a Letter of Intent on Cooperation

On 17th November, the Commandant of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm, and the Commandant of the Estonian Military Academy (EMA) Colonel Vahur Karus signed a Letter of Intent on Cooperation.

The Estonian Military Academy’s main task is to prepare the commanders of the Estonian Defence Forces and to develop military science with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the management of the Defence Forces. The Academy focuses on the first and second levels of Professional Military Education, and Non-Commissioned Officers education.

The main aim of the agreement is to support the educational activities and exchange subject matter experts between two PME organizations, in addition to organizing joint academic activities, including conferences, seminars, and workshops. It will further enhance opportunities allowing faculty and students to participate in the academic events organized by each other.

Both Commandants highlighted the importance of the agreement by emphasizing the good existing cooperation and the intent to strengthen it further. Brigadier General Tamm said that as EMA is focusing on the first and second level of the PME system and BALTDEFCOL’s main task is to educate officers on the third and fourth level, therefore such cooperation is essential. “There are not so many military institutions where all the four levels of the PME system are located in the same building. And this is definitely our strength”, added Colonel Karus after signing the agreement. The Letter of Intent will be valid for five years.

The cooperation between the BALTDEFCOL and EMA is actually an ongoing project as both institutions are situated in the same location, which allows both parties to contribute to all levels of the Professional Military Education System of the Framework Nations.


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