Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course started the second residential block

On 15th November, the Baltic Defence College was pleased to welcome back the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course (CSELC) course to join the second residential block of the course.

During the last five weeks, the Course participants have contributed to the development of the course paper focusing on contemporary topics on the Strategic Level. As the Course papers are submitted, there is time to concentrate on global security challenges. Throughout the following weeks, the Course will cover global security hot-spots, develops regional countermeasures to the hybrid threats and looks to the future environment and - warfare.

At the beginning of the week, the Course participants received a historical and a strategic view of Russia to comprehend the threats and challenges toward the Baltic region.

On 17th November, three CSELs Guest Speakers provided an overview of how NATO is reacting to the rapidly changing security environment. CWO Lance Dunn, the CSEL for JFC Brunssum, WO Sara Catterall, CSEL for Allied Air Command and CWO Yannick Godbout, the graduate from BALTDEFCOL CSELC and current CSEL for MNC-SE, shared their experiences and discussed the processes of NATO’s response from their respective levels.

The high level CSELs recognized the value and the opportunities provided by the BALTDEFCOL’s CSEL course. WO Sara Catterall highlighted the importance of discussions on strategic level topics by CSELC participants stating: “Discussion on NATO’s Women, Peace and Security Programme and examples of operational effect particular during NATO Afghan evacuee and resettlement highlighted the importance of debate at the CSEL level. Our strengths are our shared values, and the ability to learn together enables us to grow better together with trust. The CSEL Course, with both Allies and Partners from across the globe, is a real example of that”.

CWO Lance Dunn appreciated the invitation and stressed the networking opportunities and the importance of deliberating contemporary topics. He stressed that “discussing NATO operations and processes with Command Senior Enlisted Leaders from across the Alliance and our Partner nations was an exceptional experience. It helps us broaden our perspective and makes us all better leaders. Embracing our diverse backgrounds allows us to build stronger teams, and ultimately, achieve mission success! Thank you, Baltic Defence College, for continuing to provide world class professional military education”.

Such engagements are an essential part of the Course to prepare the Course participants to contribute to security within the strategic level environments.


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