Induction Ceremony of the Acting Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the Finnish Defence Forces into the CSEL Virtual Hall of Fame

On 18th November, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) hosted the first Induction Ceremony of the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders'  (CSEL) Virtual Hall of Fame.

Virtual CSEL Hall of Fame is established to provide a prestigious and visible means of recognition to Graduates of BALTDEFCOL, who have attained through military merit, the highest  NCO  position in their  Nation's armed forces in capacities of  (acting)  National  CSEL, or who have held the equivalent position within NATO Command Structure (NCS) and/or  NATO  Force  Structure  (NFS)  while supporting three  (3)  and/or four  (4)  star  General Officer/Flag Officer in capacities of the CSEL of the respective organization.

Sergeant Major Esa Juhani Ek, Acting CSEL of the Finnish Defence Forces is the first inductee of the BALTDEFCOL Virtual Hall of Fame. He is a graduate of the first edition of the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course in 2019. Sergeant Major Ek was appointed to the position of the first-ever SGM of the Army and Acting CSEL of the Finnish Defence Forces.

The ceremony was opened by the BALTDEFCOL Deputy Commandant/ Chief of Staff Colonel Dietmar Hartung (DEU A), who highlighted the importance of recognition of Course graduates. Following, the guest lecturer to the CSELC SGM Enrico Annus, Finnish Defence Forces, introduced Sergeant Major Ek presenting his achievements during military service accenting his senior positions.

During his speech, Sergeant Major Esa Juhani Ek stressed the importance of the Course by announcing that from the next year, CSELC will be officially the highest international course for NCO-s of the Finnish Defence Force. He added, that although the lecturers and guest speakers presented constant challenges to the course participants, the most important part of the course was learning from each other and networking. However, in addition to the academic and mental challenges, the personal relationships established during the course play a crucial role in the course participants future success.

The CSELC was launched in 2019 with the aim to fill the educational gap the Nations have and to prepare Command Senior Enlisted Leaders for the service in a National and Multinational environment on a strategic level.


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