The Curriculum Co-ordination Group meeting

Baltic Defence College is conducting a Curriculum Co-ordination Group (CCG) Meeting 1-3 March, 2006 at the BALTDEFCOL in Tartu. Participants from military educational institutions, MoDs/MoNDs and General Staffs of all three Baltic States are invited to attend the meeting. The role of CCG is to monitor the military education and professional development system for collaborative projects within the Baltic States and coordinate changes in order to achieve an efficient and effective programme.

Curriculum Co-ordination Group was established with the agreement of all 3 Baltic States to ensure that the military education and officers professional development system across all levels is delivering the requirement in an efficient and effective way. The common 4 levels of the professional development system for officers which are stated in the combineD OFFICER professional development programme were supported by National CHoDs and Ministers from all 3 Baltic States.

The Curriculum Coordination Group which will consist of representatives from the military education and professional development establishments as well as co-opted members will act as custodians of the combined officer professional development programme. The CCG meeting at least once per year will periodically review the list of core posts and the associated competency requirements. In case overlaps or gaps appear between courses at levels 2, 3 and 4 it would recommend adjustments in course content for better support to coherent and progressive programme.

Already now some improvements of the programme are in the progress: the current Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) will be devided into 6 months Army Intermediate Command and Staff Course and 11 months Joint Command and General Staff Course. This will ensure clearer transition point between levels and better selection of officers as individuals being qualified enough and capable to undertake the designated military education in professional development course or an assignment at the higher level. New format of the JCGSC proposed by the BALTDEFCOL was supported by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania implies.

The main task of the 1st of Curriculum Co-ordination Group meeting is to harmonize the content of different courses. It will be divided into four sessions to discuss following topics: CCG; Military Education and Professional Development System in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; presentations of courses and their harmonization; and summing up of the results of the CCG meeting identifying harmonization areas.

Prepared by
1st Lt Mindaugas Maštavičius


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