Charity event at Sveķi Special Boarding School in Latvia

The students of the JCGSC continued the tradition of raising money for charitable purposes and, as agreed among the students, the money raised went to the Sveķi Special Boarding School in Latvia.

On the 7th of June 2011, JCGSC students including the point person of the undertaking Maj Igors Kįavinš, Maj Edgars Allers, Maj Rain Jano, LtC Malte Raschulewski and Maj Viktoras Bagdonas visited the Sveķi Special Boarding School in vicinity of the town Gulbene in NE Latvia and turned the everyday chores for the staff at the school a little bit easier by giving them a washing machine and two irons. BALTDEFCOL delegation received a warm welcome from the staff of the school with a thorough house tour and delicious lunch from the school cooks.


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