Baltic Defence College Academic Advisory Board meeting

On 2 Dec 2011 the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) had the pleasure to host the annual Academic Advisory Board meeting. The Board includes members from many different nations: Gen (Ret) Prof. Zoltán Szenes from the Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University of Hungary, Dr. Mark J. Conversino from the US Air War College, MG Romuald Ratajczak from the National Defence University of Poland, Prof. Matt Uttley from the King's College in London, Prof. Dr. Wouter van Rossum from the Netherlands Defence Academy.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the current situation of the College and future developments of the courses and research activities. The Course Director of the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) was concerned with getting feedback about the graduates. It was also discussed whether to include PhD in the military career, how to make the HCSC a “war college equivalent“, and how to improve the CSC to make it more attractive to the Ministries of Defence.
All in all, the meeting was a success and it was agreed that the next meeting will take place in September 2012.


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