The Baltic Defence College is hosting its First Annual Conference on Cyber Defence – ‘Cyber Strategy Formulation and Leadership’ – in Tartu, Estonia on 20th-21st February 2013.

Divided into scenario-driven sessions, this Conference focuses on cyber strategy formulation and implementation, relevant capability development, leadership and command and control. It invites in-depth and focused discussion and exchange of experience among leaders on strategic and operational and defence aspects of cyber security.

The Conference seeks to generate a wider understanding of how to set objectives of cyber strategy, how to build the capabilities necessary to implement a cyber-strategy as well as related doctrinal, leadership and educational issues. It will further explore how national differences and similarities in approach and understanding translate into national concerns and positions on an international level. The scenario will be tailored by a group of experts on the basis of interviews and iterative interaction with high-level experts and decision-making community.

The Conference is open to invitees only. The Conference website for registration and further information will open soon!

For more information regarding the Conference please contact LTC Dr. Mika Kerttunen at [email protected].


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