BALTDEFCOL Engagement with the Army War College

In recent years, BALTDEFCOL has had a superb institutional relationship with the Army War College, particularly vis-à-vis the Higher Command Study Course. During today's visit, both Commandants agreed to continue and deepen the bilateral relationship.

The visit included joint discussions with the Directorate of Senior Leader Resiliency, International Fellows Program, Provost, Alumni Affairs, Department of Distance Education, Center for Leadership and Professional Development (war-gaming), and the Army Heritage and Education Center. Each meeting provided invaluable insights to Professional Military Education, as well as ideas for future engagement.

Of particular interest was the discussion with the Baltic International Fellows. COL Eriks Naglis (LVA), LTC Eero Rebo (EST), and COL Raimundas Vaikšnoras (LTU) met with the delegation and shared their perspectives of the War College experience. They also advised the Commandant on potential enhancements that could be made within the Joint Course in the future.


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