European Security and Defence College continues in Tartu

Today, Thursday, 18th April 2013, the Baltic Defence College, in conjunction with the British Joint Services Command and Staff College, hosted the fourth consecutive day of the Third Module of the High Level Course of the European Security and Defence College.

The first speaker of the day was Mr. Ulrich Karock, administrator in the Department for External Policies in the European Parliament. He discussed lessons learned from ongoing and recently completed European Union missions and operations.

The morning culminated with a discussion about the future of the European Union’s operations in relation to European security and strategic culture. Speakers included Mr. Daniel Fiott and Dr. Luis Simón, both from the Free University of Brussels and Mr. James Rogers, from the Baltic Defence College.

Dr. Simón discussed the future of the United States’ military presence in and around Europe; Mr. Rogers articulated the geopolitical implications for the European Union of the rise of a multipolar world system; and Mr. Fiott delved into the kinds of capabilities that might be required to meet the new challenges.

In the afternoon, Ms. Rasa Pazarauskiene, an expert in the Doctrine and Concept Development Division in NATO’s Energy Security Centre of Excellence, discussed the role of energy security in European Union missions and operations.


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