Defence of the Joint Command and General Staff Course Individual Study Paper

Yesterday, 9th May 2013, the Officers of the Joint Command and General Staff Course started to give their presentations for their Individual Study Projects (ISP). The ISP is a significant component of their work at the Baltic Defence College; it aims to enhance their skills in reading, thinking and writing in English, as well as their ability to think both critically and creatively as professional military officers.

The creation of their ISP lasts almost for the duration of the academic year and culminates with a presentation, whereby the Officers give a talk and answer targeted questions from their peers and faculty.

The topics of their study range from operational art and design to strategic communications, through to the geopolitics of specific countries or the fight against piracy. The sheer volume of different topics gives great variety to the character of their presentations – making them all the more interesting to listen to.

The presentations will continue today. The officer giving the best presentation will stand in the greatest stead of receiving the Baltic Defence College’s prestigious Award for Academic Writing.


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