Baltic Defence College Conference in Baltic/Nordic Security

On 11 and 12 June the Baltic Defence College will host an international conference on European and Baltic Security issues. The conference will feature papers by scholars from Sweden, America, Poland, and the Baltic States. The conference will be open to the public and students and faculty of Tartu University are especially welcome.

The first day of the conference will feature a Research Project led by the Swedish national Defence Academy -Research Project on Strategic Decision Making in countries relevant to Swedish Policy and on planning Crisis Response Operations and Peacekeeping Operations.

The conference is part of an ongoing programme to develop a better understanding of security issues in the Baltic/Nordic region. To support this effort the Baltic Defence College has invited an international panel of scholars to present a variety of papers designed to promote discussion of a wide variety of security issues that affect the Baltic/Nordic region. Throughout the year the Baltic Defence College hosts a series of roundtable discussions where experts on security issues present their research on regional security issues.

June 11, start 0900

Mikkel Runge Olesen & Johannes Nordby: Strategic Culture and Decision Making in Denmark

Harald Høiback & Tormod Heier: Strategic Culture and Decision Making in Norway

Dr. Hakan Edström: Strategic Culture and Decision Making in Sweden

Lt. Col. Dr. Mika Kerttunen: Strategic Culture and Decision Making in Finland

Dr. Marcus Mohlin: Strategic Decision Making in the Baltic Sea Region

Dr. Holger Mölder: Strategic Culture and Decision Making in Estonia

Dr. Toms Rostoks: Strategic Culture and Decision Making in Latvia

Dr. Asta Maskaliunaite: Strategic Culture and Decision Making in Lithuania.

June 12

Registration and coffee 0830-0900

Opening of Conference 0900-0910, Major General Vaikšnoras, BALTDEFCOL Commandant, Dr. James Corum, BALTDEFCOL Dean and Conference Organizer

Panel 1 0910-1030 Looking at the Future

Dr. Montgomery McFate Professor US Naval War College:
Normative Mismatch in Military Conflict

Dr. Luke Coffey, Margaret Thatcher Fellow, The Heritage Foundation (USA):
The Future of U.S. Forces in Europe: A View from America”.

Coffee Break 1030-1045

Panel 2 1045-1230 Baltic National perspectives

Dr. Marcin Górnikiewicz, National Security Institute, Stanislaw Staszic College of Public Administration in Białystok: The Geopolitical Importance of the Baltic Region from a Polish Perspective

Dr. Holger Mölder,Associate Professor in Security Policy and Strategic Studies, Estonian National Defence College: A Culture of Fear and a Status Conflict in Estonia-Russia relationship

Capt Karl Salum, Researcher, Applied Research Centre, Estonian National Defence College: Finland and Sweden in NATO: Implications on NATO-Russia relations.

Lunch 1230-1330

Panel 3 1330-1445 Wider Regional perspectives

Eoin Micheál McNamara, Institute of Government and Politics, University of Tartu:High North But Low Tension’? Assessing the Military Dimension in Arctic Security

Col (r) Risto Gabrielsson, Col (r) Dr. Zdzislaw Sliwa, Baltic Defence College: Baltic Regional Energy Security and wider EU Integration

Florinda Giacomelli, NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence, Lithuania: Energy Security in Northern Europe

Summary, Panel Discussion1445-1530


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