Recognition of Baltic Defence College Staff by the graduating Courses

As part of Graduation Week, members of the Joint Command and General Staff Course and Civil Servant's Course invited the members of the directing staff and supporting staff to a small reception to recognise key individuals. Following an opening speech by the Class Leader, Major Sandris Gaugers, the Class proceeded to make some presentations.

The following personnel from the support staff were given a Certificate of Appreciation: Ms Kaja Arulepp, Ms Kaie Ehrenberg, Ms Eve Vahtra, Ms Kristiina Tagel and MSgt Meelis Koger.

The Class then recognized three instructors. These awardees were determined by the Class, and marked those who had been the best teacher, mentor and coach. The awardees were: Mr Olavi Jänes, WgCdr (ret) Geoff Yapp, and Mr James Chedham.


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