The Higher Command Studies Course exercise Stable Reactor 2013 has started

The Officers and Civil Servants attending the Higher Command Studies Course 2013 (HCSC) are conducting the Exercise Stable Reactor 2013 which started on Monday, 07th of October and will last until 11th of October.

During the Exercise, 15 students of the HCSC are supported by the BALTDEFCOL Operations Department acting as Subject Matter Experts. The training audience is divided into two Estimation and Options Groups that are developing Military Response Options for operations using the Zoran Sea scenario.

The aim of the exercise is to enhance understanding of the NATO strategic level planning focus and procedures and to improve skills of independent and critical thinking in complex planning situation.

The SACEUR role is performed by RADM (ret) Richard Jaskot (US Navy), who also provided teaching about campaign planning for the course.


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