Baltic Chiefs of Defence present to the Highter Command Studies Course

As part of educational module: Defence policies, Defence and force planning – NATO, the EU and nations, three distinguished guests from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania visited BALTDEFCOL and addressed the officers and civilians of the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) 2013 on 16-17 October.

On 16 October Brigadier General Gintautas Zenkevičius, Director General Capabilities and Armaments of Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence (representative of Lithuanian Chief of National Defence Lieutenant General Arvydas Pocius), gave a lecture on Defence developments in the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Brigadier General Gintautas Zenkevičius

On 17 October the HCSC 2013 was honoured by the lectures of Chief of Defence of Estonia Major General Riho Terras and Chief of Defence of Latvia Lieutenant General Raimonds Graube.

Major General Riho Terras

Chief of Defence of Estonia shared his views on Defence development in Estonia and his Latvian counterpart Lieutenant General Raimonds Graube presented his views on recent developments of the Latvian defence system. Both Generals were engaged in a lively session of questions and answers with the students of the HCSC.

Lieutenant General Raimonds Graube

The aim of educational module Defence policies, Defence and force planning – NATO, the EU and nations is to develop the ability to assess the recent developments in defence policy and planning in international organizations and progress made in defence transformation and development efforts in individual states.


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