Welcome to the Civil Servants' Course 2021


On behalf of the Baltic Defence College and myself, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the Civil Servants’ Course (CSC) 2021 at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) in Tartu.

The three months’ course at the BALTDEFCOL will provide you with many invaluable learning opportunities and different activities to benefit from and will be unique both in terms of your professional development as well as building a professional network and friendships. One essential prerequisite for your success during the course is, of course, your engagement. Approach your studies with curiosity and enthusiasm! The Faculty is also committed to working with you to support you in attaining your educational goals.

You are expected to arrive in Tartu not later than the 10th of January 2021, as the CSC officially begins on the 11th of January 2021. It will also be the first day of the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) 2021. Thus, some administrative activities will be run together.

The first day [11th of January] will include briefings on administrative issues, an introduction to CSC, an overview of CSC modules and assignments, and a couple of introductory lectures. It will also have an informal reception. The dress code for the 11th of January will be Jacket and Tie [ladies – equivalent]. A separate programme will be included on the BALTDEFCOL web page and sent to you via e-mail.

Not later than the 23rd of November 2020, you are required to complete the in-processing form.

You will also receive guidelines on signing up and completing the online course ‘Initial Unit’, an important requirement for your successful engagement in the programme. The online course includes self-assessment tests that you must pass prior to the start of the CSC. These tests are not meant to assess you but rather facilitate your preparation and feed your curiosity. The ’Initial Unit’ course will be available starting from the beginning of December [more information to follow].

More information about the College and the course can be found on the BALTDEFCOL webpage. The webpage is designed to keep you up to date with all current significant topics and recent developments. You will also find the Course Plan on the webpage, which will outline the course`s framework and be read beforehand. Detailed weekly plans and other course-related documents will be issued at the beginning of the academic year and will be uploaded into the College`s official education information system.

Your academic success is our top priority, so we look forward to encouraging you along this exciting journey of learning and discovery. Study hard, and enjoy your stay at the BALTDEFCOL. Should you have, further questions do not hesitate to contact the College Registrar, Ms. Kaie Ehrenberg (kaie.ehrenberg@baltdefcol.org), for assistance.





Colonel (LTU A)

Course Director

Joint Command and General Staff Course/Civil Servants’ Course



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