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Welcome to the Higher Command Studies Course 2019

Congratulations on your selection as a student of the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) 2019, which will be held from 7th of January to 20th of June 2019, at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL), in the lively and historical university town of Tartu, Estonia.

The HCSC was created in 2004 to educate senior military officers and government officials in order to enhance understanding of the new security environment and the full spectrum of twenty-first century operations. We will help you to learn about the national security decision-making process and practice strategy-making skills by applying the instruments of national power through a series of exercises and international study trips. Since 2004, more than 200 students, representing more than thirty countries, have been graduated from HCSC. A considerable number of students have received important and demanding positions in their respective countries or international organizations.

The core of the HCSC’s curriculum has been designed to provide an integrated overview of contemporary geopolitical affairs and security issues to enable students to think creatively and critically about issues of strategic importance. You will start with a wider strategic focus and then narrow down to issues related to strategy formulation, defence planning, high command and strategic resource management. You will examine the evolution of the security environment and contemporary ideas on the use of military power. Against this background, you will take a critical look at how NATO, EU and individual states are responding to current and future security challenges and assess the progress they have made. Finally, we will help you to develop an ability to choose and apply tools that might be used to support further defence development.

The educational approach of the HCSC seeks to take a full advantage of the multinational character and uses it for the benefit of our students by deepening their knowledge. The course is designed to encourage students to be active participants and we expect you to research and present material on all aspects of the curriculum and to be engaged with your pears and faculty. Students are also asked to undertake some preparations before your arrival in Tartu. 

Although the course is intensive, we hope that it will also provide you with opportunities to further your professional and personal developments. We are confident that you will find new friends during your studies at the Baltic Defence College. In addition, you will be able to find some time to get to know Tartu and three Baltic states better.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting you in January!


Colonel, (LTU A)
Course Director
Higher Command Studies Couse/Senior Leaders’ Course

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