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Administrative information

This administrative information is intended to help you prepare for the Higher Command Studies Course. We will brief you in more detail when you arrive in Tartu. Should you have any other questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the BALTDEFCOL Registrar Ms Kaie Ehrenberg, Phone: 372 717 6069, E-mail: kaie.ehrenberg@baltdefcol.org


Arrival day for the Higher Command Studies Course is Sunday, 6th of January, 2019. You will be accommodated in the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) Dormitory, which is located at 3/5/7 Ida str. Tartu.

On arrival in Tartu, please report to the BALTDEFCOL Front Desk (Riia 12, Tartu) to receive further information on your accommodation. There you will also find the Welcome package that contains key to your apartment, city map, etc.

Dress Code

Dress Code during the course will be your national office uniform or field uniform. You will also need Service Dress (class A uniform), civilian jacket and tie.

Security Requirements

Students from NATO countries should hold NATO Confidential security clearance as a minimum; students from non-NATO countries should hold a National Confidential security clearance. Please bring your Certificates with you to the College.

IT Support

We will provide you with laptop computer for use during the course.

Preparation for the Course:

  1. The pre-readings for HCSC 2019 are: Books are intended to give general background and context for themes that will be explored in greater depth during the HCSC’s modules.
  2. Before arrival we would also like you to prepare for two short activities that will take place in the first days of the course. Firstly, we will ask you to introduce yourself to the rest of the course and Faculty. Be ready to spend a minute or two to tell us a little about your current appointment, the highlights of your career, your family and hobbies and your expectations for the course. Secondly, we ask you to be ready to give briefing on the current defence policies, structures, activities and plans of your state. Each briefing should last for 10-15 minutes (including Q&A and discussions). Students from the same state should work in pairs/group to produce a single briefing.

Just to be registered on the course, please visit our webpage and fill in the ln-processing form - https://www.baltdefcol.org/?id=46 and please send us also your CV.

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