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“In Memoriam”

On 23rd of October 2019, the Lithuanian students from the Joint Command and General Staff Course at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) organised the fifth annual “IN MEMORIAM” charity run to remember and support the families of passed-away Lithuanian soldiers.

After the lectures, BALTDEFCOL staff and students together with their friends and family members gathered around the Anne Kanal in Tartu. Together, the participants run, walked and cycled around 3 to 4 km.


The official "In Memoriam" run took place on 19th of October in Vilnius and was organised by the Lithuanian Military Families’ Women Society “Birutietės”. However, it has already become a tradition to organise a separate event also in Tartu. After the run, everybody shared smiles, hot tea and cookies. A small Lithuanian flag travelled to Estonian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Canadian, Swiss, Polish, Italian and American homes as a reminder of this heart-warming gathering."

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