The Flag of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL)

The background of the front of the flag is in NATO blue, symbolising strength through unity. The emblem of the BALTDEFCOL is placed in the middle of the flag.

The background of the back of the flag is ivory, representing the BALTDEFCOL's association with the guard corps as an institution of military higher education, owing to its loyalty and dedication.

The contours of the maps of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are in grey, while the names of the respective countries have colours that are identical to the background.

The names of the states are spelt in official languages, such as EESTI, LATVIJA, and LIETUVA. The common contour map of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania reflects the geographical region and countries that manage the BALTDEFCOL and marks the main educational focus of the institution.

The motto of the BALTDEFCOL, “AD SECURITATEM PATRIARUM”, in golden upper-case letters, is arched over the map. The inauguration date of the BALTDEFCOL—25. February 1999—is arched beneath the emblem.