Roundtable Seminars, Workshops & Conferences in 2016

America and NATO: Alliance or ‘Amerexi’?

Date:21 November 2016
Speakers: Col (ret) Dr Charles Parker, Institute for the Study of Strategy and Politics in Washington

Concordance Theory

Date:16 November 2016
Speakers: Dr Rebecca L. Schiff, U.S. Naval War College

‘Brexit’ or ‘Bremain’: Drivers and Implications

Date: 9 June 2016
Speakers: Mr Kalle Palling, Estonian Parliament and Dr Ashley Roden-Bow; Mr James Rogers, Baltic Defence College

Porcupine Defence

Date:7 April 2016
Speaker: Col William Nemeth, United States Navy (Sixth Fleet)

Transatlantic Cooperation and The Security Environment

Date: 7 March 2016
Speaker: H.E. Ambassador Mr Renatas Norkus, Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence

Brains-based Approach to Strategy

Date: 12 January 2016
Speaker: Dr Harlan Ullman, Senior Adviser, Atlantic Council