Baltic Defence College

The Seventh Annual Conference on Russia

Mr. Keir Giles

Mr. Keir Giles (UK), Chatham House

Mr. Giles is a senior consulting fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme in the Chatham House and the director of Conflict Studies Research Centre.

Having spent the early 1990s in the former USSR with the BBC Monitoring Service as well as having been a Russia correspondent for several years, he is well versed in the development of Russian political and economic landscape.

While attached to the UK Defence Academy’s Research and Assessment Branch (R&AB), he wrote and briefed on Russian military, defence and security issues; Russia’s relations with NATO and with its neighbours in Northern Europe; and human factors affecting decision-making in Russia.

Mr. Giles is a prolific author and a household name for those interested in Russia in the global arena, especially since the publishing of his book, ‘Moscow Rules” where he describes Russian approaches and strategic decisions to the rest of the world.