Command Senior Enlister Leaders' Course

The CSELC aims to provide Command Senior Enlisted Leaders with the knowledge that will enable them to advise, support, and enhance strategic level leadership’s decision-making process to meet anticipated challenges within a dynamic and complex Baltic Sea Region environment and beyond.


The Curriculum of CSELC consists of 4 Study Modules: the initial unit is delivered online, followed by 3 Modules delivered residentially. The initial unit sets up a common framework for the course participants about the Baltic Sea regional security and global security concerns. It also provides an introduction to academic writing and critical thinking. During their studies, the course participants can attend seminars, panel discussions, tabletop exercises, virtually attend the Annual Military History Conference and other academic activities like the International Study Trip and the Baltic Defence Study Trip. The participants must complete, present and defend a course paper by the course's end. The CSELC is designed for self-motivated and experienced professionals with the requisite English language skills to engage with their peers and want to excel during their time at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL).


The CSELC’s educational framework is predicated on a combined educational approach, including lectures, seminars, the Baltic Military History Conference, small group (syndicate) activities and exercises to facilitate adult learning at an advanced level, including virtual distance learning and contact studies. Consequently, the primary responsibility for learning and achieving the specified learning outcomes is placed on the course participant. 

To help facilitate this, the CSELC—and the BALTDEFCOL—aim to provide the best possible educational environment for learning. The CSELC is designed to maximise the experience and knowledge already found at the BALTDEFCOL and is bolstered with specific additional skills and cooperative support from external sources. Thus, active learning and the full participation and contribution of all course participants are heavily encouraged; this allows them to share their knowledge, experience and learning with others in an open and positive environment.

Recognition of the Graduates

The CSELC has established The Commandant’s Award to Course Leader (Top Student) and Academic Writing Award for course participants. Course participants who have been awarded will be recognized during the graduation ceremony.

In 2024, the CSEL Notable Alumni page was established to provide a prestigious and visible means of recognition to Graduates of BALTDEFCOL who have attained through military merit, the highest NCO position in their Nation's armed forces in capacities of (acting) National CSEL, or who have held the equivalent position within NATO Command Structure (NCS) and/or NATO Force Structure (NFS) while supporting three (3) and or four (4) star General Officer/Flag Officer in capacities of the CSEL of the respective organization.