Strategic Decision Making in NATO

The aim is to prepare the students of the course to be part of the NATO political-military decision-making process, either as staff officers or civil servants, in NATO HQ or MOD/CHOD positions dealing with NATO issues. Priority will be given to students of BALTDEFCOL students, staff members of the MOD/CHOD of the respective three Baltic States and NATO HQs and entities. 

SDM course takes place in Tartu and is not available online.

Useful Information


NATO Course Catalogue ETOC


Commodore (ret)
Hans Helseth

[email protected]


A week-long course with an even mix of lectures, discussions and simulated exercises focusing on the decision-making challenges in a consensus-based organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the module, students will be able to fully understand the main characteristics of NATO’s organisation and decision-making processes at the military-political level, the dynamics and challenges facing consensus building in NATO through practical exercises, and the processes and political tools used to direct military operations.


Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Costs: There is no course fee, but participants are to bear the cost of their travel, meals and lodging.

Dress Code: Military personnel—Field Uniforms; Civilians—Casual

Upon finishing the course, each participant will receive a certificate.