Dr. Viljar Veebel

Fellow on Russian Strategic and Military Studies

Email: viljar.veebel@baltdefcol.org

Phone: 372 717 6062

Office: Room 401


Viljar Veebel is researcher of the Department of Political and Strategic Studies at the Baltic Defence College. He holds a B.A. in International Relations from University of Tartu, M.A in International relations from University of Tartu (“Spill-over barrier in European integration process”) and doctoral degree in political science (Ph.D.) from University of Tartu (“The Role and Impact of Positive Conditionality in the EU Pre-Accession Policy”). He has worked as academic advisor of the Estonian government in the European Future Convention and as researcher for several research institutions, including OSCE, SIDA, the European Council on Foreign Relations, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, Latvia Institute of International Affairs and Eurasia Group. He has been lecturing in University of Tartu, Estonian National Defence College, Ukrainian Diplomatic Academy, OSCE Border Management Staff College and Estonian Diplomatic Academy. His main areas of competence cover: Russian military doctrine and strategic ambitions; game theory non-cooperative game models in security studies and deterrence; positive conditionality concept in initiating reforms and policy change; concepts and models of deterrence for small nation states; hybrid warfare and concept of deterrence during hybrid warfare.

Work Experience

2017 –            Research fellow, Baltic Defence College
2013 – 2017  Associate Professor, Estonian National Defence College
2015 – 2016  Visiting lecturer at Johann Skytte Institute of Tartu University
2004 – 2016  Lecturer of International relations, Estonian School of Diplomacy
2014 – 2016  OSCE Border Management Staff College, lecturer
2004 – 2012  Lecturer of International relations and European studies, University of Tartu 
2006 – 2007  External expert for the master program development, Ukrainian Diplomatic Academy
2002 – 2003  Advisor of the Estonian Government in the Future Convention of Europe 

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Specific competence areas


2012 – Estonian National Research board reward in category of doctoral dissertations 


Scopus and Web of Science indexed

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Peer reviewed journal articles

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Veebel, V. (2012). The Role and Impact of Positive Conditionality in the EU Pre-Accession Policy Tartu: Tartu University Press

Book chapters

  1. Veebel, Viljar (2017) Estonia: On the way to a European army, In: Strategic Autonomy and European Defense: On the way to a European army? Verlag J.H.W. Dietz
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Published conference presentations

  1. Veebel, Viljar (2016). Taking initiative in cyber deterrence against Russia? Riga Conference Views: The Riga Conference 2016, 28-29 October 2016. Riga, Latvia: LATO
  2. Veebel, Viljar (2015). The economic ties between Russia and the Baltic countries in 2004-2015: the bust, the boom and the sanctions in mutual trade relations. The Riga Security Conference, 6-7 November 2015, Riga, Latvia. Latvian Transatlantic Organization (LATO)
  3. Veebel, Viljar (2012). European Union's External Relations and Diplomacy: More effective after the Lisbon Treaty? Institutional Consolidation and Responding to New Challenges”, Nicosia, Cyprus, 14-15 June. The Trans European Policy Studies Association

Areas of Expertise

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