Cyber Defence Policy on National and International Levels

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Registration is open until 5th March

The aim is to provide course participants with the conceptual framework to facilitate strategic thinking about cyber defence and develop understanding on how to integrate cyber considerations into national as well as international security policy and strategy formulation.

The course will underscore the multidimensional character of cyber defence. Guest speakers representing diverse opinions from political, military, academic, and private sectors will stress the importance of the comprehensive approach and cross-sector cooperation for strengthening cybersecurity on national and international levels.

A standard iteration consists of residential session as well as eLearning. However, depending on the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions the course might have to be held through web-based online platform. 

Learning outcomes

The training will provide the participants with basic skills and knowledge to analyse and design proper policy framework and strategy for cyber defence. The curriculum has been designed to provide an integrated overview of contemporary geopolitical affairs and security issues to enable students to think creatively and critically about issues of strategic importance.


More information about the course can be found HERE


Point of Contact: 

AMB Shota Gvineria