12th „International Night“ event at BALTDEFCOL took place

12th „International Night“ event at BALTDEFCOL took place

BALTDEFCOL students, staff and their guests on 04.11.2016 celebrated the twelfth traditional “International Night” offering the unique opportunity to experience the culture, customs, food and drinks of the currently 19 nations represented at the College.

The Commandant, Major General Andis Dilans, opened the event and welcomed everyone for an evening with many cultural impressions, interesting personal communication, lots of good food and entertainment.

After the Commandant had declared the various national buffets open, the guests enjoyed the excellent range of food and drinks and quickly engaged in small talk while background music was provided.

In the course of the evening the Estonian and Latvian folk dance groups performed their wonderful traditional dances and the Latvian Military Music Band attracted everyone to the dance floor. Finally the Lithuanian rock group Vytis thrilled the guests with their professional performance.

Latvian folk dance group Bramani

During the evening the guests impressively proved their generosity and donated for a social institution, the Tartu Children's Shelter (Tartu Laste Turvakodu).

Baltic Defence College thanks the students and staff members of BALTDEFCOL, BALTSPOUSES, all guests as well as performers for great effort to make such an enjoyable and entertaining evening.


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Commandants meeting at the Baltic Defence College


Visiting Finnish ADL Centre and Finnish National Defence University

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