20th Anniversary History Book Launch

On 22nd of February 2019, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) observed the 20th Anniversary of the College with a launch of the new edition of the History Book „20 Years of the Baltic Defence College: Professional Military Education in the Baltic States”. The audience of the book launch included Ambassadors and Defence Attachés of nations represented at the College and of founding nations, other high-level guests and BALTDEFCOL staff and faculty.

In his welcome remarks, Major General Andis Dilāns, Commandant of BALTDEFCOL, recognized the founders and creators of the College as well as the previous and current authors of the History Book: Dr James Corum and Mr Art Johanson. He stated that as the College itself received support and assistance from many nations at the beginning, it is our duty now to support to our friends and partners in need, e.g. Ukraine and Georgia.

The programme then continued with a panel discussion. Co-author of the book Mr Art Johanson together with Mr Erki Kodar, Undersecretary for Legal and Administrative Affairs of Estonian Ministry of Defence, Mr Janis Garisons, State Secretary of Latvian Ministry of Defence, Mr Vytautas Umbrasas, Vice Minister of Lithunian Ministry of National Defence, Dr hab. Zdzislaw Sliwa, BALTDEFCOL Dean discussed the role and impact of the Baltic Defence College during its 20 years of existence. The discussion was moderated by Ms Eve Vahtra, Head Librarian at the A. P. Møller Defence Research Library.

Mr Kodar highlighted the importance of the BALTDEFCOL as the oldest international institution in Estonia. Mr Garisons stressed the importance of writing down history, as we have to build our future on our history. Mr Umbrasas brought out that BALTDEFCOL as an institution not only offers an opportunity to receive knowledge and education, but it is also a place for nations to come together, share common ideas and viewpoints and better understand each other.

During an active questions & answers session, the guests and panellists commonly agreed that the graduates of the College should take a more active role as alumni and build a network that would benefit and support them in their future endeavours.

The book is available on: /files/files/publications/history_book.pdf


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