4th Multinational NCO Workshop in Belgrade

On 24-27 of February, Serbian Armed Forces hosted the 4th Multinational Non-Commissioned Officers Workshop in Belgrade. The event was jointly organized and run by the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) and NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) Consortium.

Around 70 distinguished participants from 23 Nations discussed the overall NCO professional development within NATO and beyond, different National NCO Professional Military Education (PME) systems, challenges the Nations facing, and potential future developments in this field. The separate panel was dedicated to the selection and development of a professional cadre of the National NCO educational institutions.

Alongside NATO School Oberammergau and US NCO Leadership Center of Excellence, BALTDEFCOL was invited to present an overview of the course formats delivered in English and for the multinational audience. BALTDEFCOL College Sergeant Major/Course Director Command Senior Enlisted Leader Course (CSELC) Peeter Einbaum had an opportunity to introduce BALTDEFCOL and the concept of the CSEL Course, which was launched in 2019.  



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Visit by MG Sergeii Salkutsan, the Deputy Commandant of the National Defence University of Ukraine


Distinguished Visitor's Afternoon

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