All BALTDEFCOL courses will be delivered via distance learning methodologies from 16 March. 


General information

The Government of Estonia has declared the emergency situation on 12th March due to the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 and the threat of mass infections. The Government has extended the emergency situation in Estonia until May 17.

Estonian borders are closed. Only Estonian citizens and persons who have a living permit or diplomats and foreigners arriving in Estonia as part of international military cooperation can enter. EU to keep external borders closed to 15 May. People within the EU’s 27 member nations can still travel between those countries, although there will be some restrictions, and Europeans stranded abroad will be repatriated.

The number of cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Estonia has risen to 1751 as of the 13th MAY. 47 persons are hospitalized and 5 in critical condition. Deaths in total: 61. Harju and Saare counties have the largest number of cases by county. In Tartu county 104 cases. According to current data, the average affected individual in Estonia is middle-aged, with no differences across gender. Only a small proportion of cases among children and the elderly have been found.


24/7 coronavirus hotline was opened by the Estonian Alarm Center, which will provide information and answer questions. Hotline number: 1247. 

Family doctors are giving advice by phone. If you feel sick, do not go to the emergency room. Please call to emergency services at 112 beforehand and follow the instructions. More info about Estonia: Health Board.

An increased workload for family doctors and the health sector as a whole means that getting in touch with a doctor may be more difficult; those in need of filling an official sick note (Haigusleht) with employers can do so via the Patient Portal. Applicable to BALTDEFCOL employees only!

Entries into the patients' portal will be forwarded to the Health Insurance Fund and the individual's employer and family doctor; the record is also automatically opened and the individual will be contacted by the family doctor's center within a week to clarify their state of health and any presenting symptoms.

Users should log in using their Estonian ID card or mobile ID and then click on the invalid report menu at left. They should enter their phone number to allow a family doctor or nurse to contact them within seven days (see above). The sick leave certificate is open from the date of application to March 30, 2020. The exact length of the required sick leave certificate would be discussed with the family doctor. 


It is strongly recommended to stay at home and avoid public crowded places. The State Forest Management Center (RMK) is asking people to avoid crowded hiking trails and to keep their distance from other trekkers. 




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