Baltic Defence College’s Conference on Russia will take place on 15th–17th February 2017 at the Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu. The 2017 edition of our flagship international conference will bring together the armed forces, policy practitioners and academics from different countries, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Hungary, and the United States, to discuss the Russian challenge and the Euro-Atlantic responses to Russia’s non-linear warfare, not only in the European neighbourhood but also further afield.

This conference will focus on following topics:

  • Theorising non-linear warfare in the twenty-first century;
  • Doctrinal, strategic and operational-level components of Russia’s modern warfare;
  • Case studies on particular types of non-linear warfare in various national and regional contexts (e.g., political, information, narrative, memetic, electronic, cyber in Ukraine, Syria and the Wider Baltic region);
  • Responding to the challenge of non-linear warfare.

Altogether, there are six sessions on diverse topics: Russia’s geostrategic ambitions, theorising non-linear warfare, Russia’s non-linear warfare in practice, Russian non-linear warfare: case studies, the Euro-Atlantic responses to Russian non-linear warfare, Russian non-linear warfare: Enhancing Baltic resilience.

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Edward Lucas, a British journalist working for The Economist, H.E. Mr. Imants Lieģis, Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to the Republic of France and Mr. Jānis Garisons, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia are participating as the keynote speakers. Among the other speakers are Lieutenant General Johannes Kert, member of the National Defence Committee (Estonian Parliament), Brigadier General Reiner Schwalb, German Defence Attaché in Moscow, Mr. Hannes Hanso, the Chairman of the National Defence Committee and Former Minister of Defence of Estonia, H.E. Dr. Volodymyr Ogrysko, Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine, H.E. Mr. Alpo Rusi, Foreign policy advisor to the President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari, Major General (ret) Neeme Väli, Former First Deputy Chief of the NATO International Military Staff and director of the policy and planning division and many more.

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