Army Intermediate Command and Staff Course Exercise Vilnius Defence 2007


From 7 to 10 May Army Intermediate Command and Staff Course (AICSC) students took part in a computer assisted exercise at the Lithuanian Armed Forces Warfare Training Centre at Nemencine. The aim of the exercise was to analyse and apply the doctrinal principles of defence in combined arms warfare on the brigade level. Students of the Military Academy of LithuaniaÂ’s Junior Staff Officer Course (JSOC) supported the exercise by controlling lower echelon units in the exercise. They truly made the exercise possible as a substantial number of lower echelon operators were needed to make the simulation realistic. For the JSOC students it was quite beneficial as they were introduced to operational level warfare. Furthermore, they were introduced to AICSC, the next step within their military - education progression. In general, the exercise was a good learning experience for both AICSC students and BALTDEFCOL directing staff.


Brigade Command Post


BALTDEFCOL Directing Staff planning at Exercise Control/Higher Echelon Control 

  Opposing Forces Control  

Lower Echelon Control

   by Eric Sibul  


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Address of the Lithuanian Prime Minister to the BALTDEFCOL students and staff members


AICSC 2007 Graduation Ceremony

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