BALTDEFCOL at Chiefs of Transformation Conference 

This week Commandant of the Baltic Defence College MG Andis Dilans and College Sergeant Major Peeter Einbaum are participating in Chiefs of Transformation Conference (COTC) in Norfolk Virginia which is organised by the NATO Allied Command of Transformation (ACT). The topic of the conference is "NATO Warfare Development: Innovation and Interoperability - Winning Tomorrow's War Today" and concentrating on changing security and educational/training requirements.

As separate event, the meeting with the Chief of Staff of ACT Vice Admiral P M Bennett took place. During the meeting the BALTDEFCOL role in developing human capital within the Baltic region and beyond; ongoing process of BALTDEFCOL NATO accreditation; new challenges and opportunities on educational arena; BALTDEFCOL contribution to the NATO Professional Military Education (PME) system; potential areas of cooperation with other PME institution and other topics were covered.

SGM Peeter Einbaum provided overview about freshly completed Command Senior Enlisted Leaders' Course (CSELC) which ended last week in Tallinn with Joint Graduation of Senior Leaders' Course (SLC) and CSELC.

Program of the Conference continues throughout few coming days.


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