BALTDEFCOL at the Estonian Independence Day Parade

BALTDEFCOL at the Estonian Independence Day Parade


On the 24th of February the Republic of Estonia celebrated its Day of Independence. Among other festive activities, such as wreath laying ceremony at Estonian Liberation War Monument and religious service at Jaani Church, people could also witness the parade of the Estonian Defence Forces. In his speech, the Chief of Estonian Defence Forces, Brigadier General Riho Terras, said among other things that Baltic Defence College has found a firm and supporting home for itself in the university town.


The College was represented at the parade as well and our flag detail included Col Zdzislaw Sliwa, Maj Uğis Romanovs, LTC Remigijus Baltrenas and LTC Aare Tuvike. In addition to marching troops, the parade also included 74 combat and support vehicles that were displayed for the townspeople later on.


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